Intelligentes Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The modular RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) means an outsourcing of some or all personnel recruitment activities to our HR partner. The RPO has a modular structure and always includes project management plus reporting as well as the installation of an application management system.

RPO is your decision for sustainability and highest productivity. The selectable services include online marketing measures with multiposting, active sourcing, direct search of suitable candidates and application handling.

Our services

  • Automated placement of the job offer on your company career website (individual layout)
  • Distribution of job advertisements via multiposting (multichannel) on suitable online job portals
  • Active search and direct contact of potential candidates
  • Legally compliant application procedures (DSGVO) with 24/7 online access for applicants incl. applicant hotline
  • Appreciative acceptance, interim decisions e.g. to all applicants
  • Online employer access with 24/7 access to applications
  • Own exclusive talent pool
  • Comprehensive KPI and statistics

Your advantages

  • More and better applicants
  • Faster processes and short time-to-hire
  • Significant increase in process quality
  • Maximum data protection and legal reliability
  • Positive impact on the employer brand
  • Multilingual environment
  • Reduction of your total recruitment costs