i&mbB – Recruitment

Executiv Search

i&mbB finds the suitable employee for your company thanks to sophisticated recruiting methods: from apprentice to board member.


Through multiposting, active sourcing and social recruiting we increase the visibility of your job advertisements.


Intelligent Recruitment Process Outsourcing means sustainable recruitment with a perfect outsourcing partner at your side.

The personnel market is an applicant market across all levels, therefore applicants must be identified and actively addressed – a passive search is no longer enough. We do this for you: cost-effective, transparent, fast.

who we are

i&mbB is working as a headhunter for executives since 1998 and has a sound methodological background in recruitement procedures and job-related aptitude diagnostics. On our side we have HR partner, FEL Human Resources GmbH, an expert for AI (artificial intelligence)-supported recruitment, social recruiting and cloud based applicantion management. Using the latest technology, we ensure that your vacancies we be filled cost-effectively. Contact us.

Public fundings

Our partner company i&mb Industrie & Management Beratung intern. GmbH is specialized in the procurement of non-repayable fundings for R&D projects. www.i-m-b.de.